The Revolve Pizza Oven

revolve pizza oven

Here at Revolve, we are proud of our oven. So much so, we named and designed our restaurant to be all about the oven. Obsessed? Maybe. But for good reason. Our unique oven allows for us to offer a traditional Neapolitan- style pizza in our unique, fast-casual dining atmosphere.

So why Revolve?


Our Italian-inspired brick oven “revolves” 360 degrees, hence the name Revolve. Picture a giant revolving pizza stone that rotates to ensure the pizza is cooked evenly. The oven is built of brick and has a dome, which holds in heat from the pecan wood and a controlled gas flame, giving you your custom pizza faster than you can say pepperoni.

“The inspiration behind this oven was the unique design from Italy, where it was specially designed from a country where pizza originated,” Owner-Operator Austin Crossland says.

Revolves open- kitchen

Open Kitchen at Revolve


Our restaurant revolves around our revolving oven (see what we did there?). We had to adjust the blueprints for the entire space to accommodate the sheer size and design of the oven. We needed plenty of room to get the domes placed and to build a barrier to conceal within the building. We also wanted the oven to be a focal point of the restaurant, so we created an open-kitchen design.

Customers can choose from our variety of fresh ingredients from selecting a dough, one of our many house-made sauces, and, of course, all the toppings. Our customers are involved in the entire creative process, which makes each pie and experience so unique. We do offer our signature pizzas, like our Smokin’ Okie and Rustic Chicken for those who have a hard time deciding. You can trust us — they’re delicious.

Revolve Pizza Kitchen is a Keep It Local member, so come support your local pizza joint and gaze at our mesmerizing revolving oven, Homer Simpson style, while your pizza cooks.

Posted: October 2016