The Perfect Valentine’s Date at Revolve

The perfect Valentine's date at Revolve

Show your love for pizza and for your sweetheart by spending your Valentine’s Day at Revolve Pizza Kitchen. Skip the fancy restaurants, set menus, and crowded seating, and come enjoy a Spin Two Deal with us. You choose a salad or soup, then decide if you want pizza or pasta. The Spin Two Deal is only $8 all day, every day. Now that’s true love.

Here’s our vision. Are you ready?

Picture the drive to Revolve: your date nods in appreciation when you say you’ve chosen to support a local restaurant for dinner.

When you walk in the door, you smile with relief because you have officially traded out a stuffy dinner for our casual, friendly atmosphere.

As you both walk up to the kitchen to order, the aromas of fresh pizzas baking in our wood-fired pizza oven and the sights of our fresh ingredients on display send you both into a pizza euphoria.

You scan the rest of the menu and notice the fresh pasta selection. Sharing pasta can definitely set the stage for a romantic evening. (Think of the scene from “Lady and the Tramp” as you share a bite of spaghetti and meatballs.)

Now, visualize sitting together, telling stories, and laughing in slow motion as you enjoy a meal together that you’ll never forget. And as dinner ends, you walk out with your head held high (and probably secretly doing a happy dance) because you just got a wonderful meal for only $8 each.

The End.

Make this perfect date your own

We hope you liked our vision of the perfect date and want to recreate it yourself. Want to know the best part? You now can continue the perfect date because you have extra money to splurge on romantic activities in the area.

Some of you may want to enjoy a romantic evening at home. You can still get the Revolve perfect date experience by getting delivery or to go at 405-792-2858.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted: February 2017