Plan a Winning Strategy for Your Game Day Party with Revolve

A winning game party with Revolve

When it comes to watching the Big Game, 91 percent of watchers are going to be at a home — either their house or someone else’s. Now that’s a lot of parties and a lot of food. Actually, the big game is the second-largest day of food consumption in the United States after Thanksgiving. But instead of eating turkey, well, it’s pizza. We at Revolve Pizza Kitchen are here to help you plan your winning game day strategy, and our catering services have the key plays.

Keeping the pizza tradition alive

The Big Game is the busiest day of the year for pizza, with millions of pies sold each year, resulting in a 35 percent increase in pizza delivery sales, according to the National Restaurant Association. What else are people consuming at super bowl parties? According to Super Bowl statistics, 125 million pounds of chicken wings will be consumed, along with 71 million pounds of avocados for serving guacamole.

We’re here to give you exactly what you’re looking for and, of course, provide what every game party must have — pizza. Our catering will be built by you, for you. We also have custom pasta bars, signature pizzas, salads and more. Take a look at our catering menu.


Save all that precious pre-game time

We get it: you need time to get in the zone, get your lucky T-shirt on, watch the pregame shows, and prepare for guests. When you order catering with Revolve, you don’t have to miss a single minute of your pregame routine. We will deliver and set up a game day spread that may inspire a few victory dances once your guests arrive.


Keep it local and support local restaurants

Keep it local this year and support your local restaurants — like us. If you have a Keep It Local OK card, we offer a 15% discount off your catering order. Now you have no excuses not to order your favorite pizza or pasta combinations any way you want them.

Let us cater to you

We cater to you. Simply put, that’s what catering with Revolve is all about. And we are more than excited to make your party (ready for the cheesy pun?) a TOUCHDOWN. For additional information, give us a call at 405-792-2858.


Posted: January 2017