Experience Fresh Pasta at Revolve in Oklahoma City

Revolve fresh pasta

Fresh pasta is a specialty craft. From fine Tuscan restaurants to generational Italian establishments, when you have fresh pasta, it’s normally a meal you don’t forget. Here at Revolve, we want to offer that same experience in Oklahoma City. That’s right. We offer fresh handmade pasta every day.

Our concept of elevated fast casual dining is taking your typical pizza-pasta joint and raising it to the next level. Anyone can take dried pasta out of a box and put in into boiling water, but we want to offer an exceptional experience by providing the freshest, handcrafted ingredients possible. “So few companies make fresh pasta, and we want to provide something that no one else has,” says Austin Crossland, Revolve’s owner-operator.

Revolve kitchen cooking pasta

How Revolve pasta is made

Each morning we craft our rigatoni, fettuccine, and spaghetti noodles using three simple ingredients: semolina flour, water, and eggs. Here’s how it’s done:

To create the dough, we combine water and egg into a pitcher. Then we pour our semolina flour into the mixer, and then we slowly add in the water/egg mixture, creating a dough-like consistency. For our rigatoni noodles, the ratio of liquid to dry is a little less so the macaroni shape holds up when cooked.

Once the ingredients are fully incorporated, then it’s time to knead the dough in the mixer. Kneading the dough helps the gluten structure bind together. After about 12 minutes, it’s time to set the dough aside to rest.

After resting, it is time to extrude the pasta. With our Arcobaleno pasta extruder, we have dies that we use to shape our pasta to the correct spaghetti or fettuccine shape. What’s unique about our process is that we hand cut our pasta at proper lengths. “We have knives that we use to cut the pasta to the exact lengths we want,” Austin says. “Some may be shorter or longer, but that’s what happens when you make it by hand. And that’s what handmade pasta is all about.”

Revolve kitchen cooking signature pasta

Cooking pasta to perfection

In the world of pasta, having your pasta cooked al dente is crucial. We cook our spaghetti and fettuccine at 212 degrees for exactly 1 minute and 45 seconds and our rigatoni for 2 minutes and 10 seconds. To stop the cooking, we shock the pasta in an ice bath. We are very precise about our cooking times because we have spent many hours in the kitchen, getting everything just right. “I’ve made so much pasta it’s unreal,” Austin says.

To finish things off, the pasta is tossed in a dab of olive oil and is ready to be used in any of our signature pasta dishes. Our most popular Rustic Chicken dish is made with a roasted garlic sauce with fresh spinach, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, all white meat chicken breast, and shaved parmesan. Hungry yet? Visit us at Revolve for your very own unique pasta experience. You won’t be disappointed.

Posted: September 2016